10 tips to save on your travels


You will not necessarily enjoy more by spending more on your trip, especially if you constantly watch your wallet. Armed with these few tips, you will get the most out of your hard-earned money and get the most out of your vacation.

1. Are all-inclusive packages worthwhile?

The advantage of all-inclusive offers is that you can plan your budget for the entire trip.

They are ideal both for families with teenagers, who have a lot of energy and big appetites, and who want nothing less than eating all day, as well as for people who want to just read on The beach all day.

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2. Travel to the Caribbean at a low price

All-inclusive packages for the Caribbean are a good deal if you want to participate in many water sports.

However, pay attention to the details of packages, as these usually do not cover motorized water sports.

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3. Evaluate the cost of living

Two weeks of vacation in Brazil might seem like a real bargain if these include all meals, but it might not be such a good buy if you realize later that you can eat a great meal for Two for less than $ 10.

The Caribbean is another matter, however, because the cost of food is actually higher than in Canada.

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4. Open your eye free drinks

Check if alcohol is included and whether it is drinkable.

Some offerings, surprisingly, exclude mineral water, which can dramatically increase the cost of your drinks bill if you have children or you are in a warm country.

5. Make your travels off-season and save

For obvious reasons, you will get better deals in the Caribbean and Mexico from late May to October.

However, if you want to enjoy the sun when it is starting to get rare in Canada, the safest is to travel in October or November, when prices are still low.

These climb around Christmas, to descend again after the New Year and climb gradually from January to February, with a peak in March.

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6. Choose a less expensive destination

Cuba and the Dominican Republic are among the cheapest vacation destinations and possess truly enjoyable four-star resorts with many activities to keep young as old busy all day.

7. Book a trip as soon as possible

Make your vacation reservations early in the year and save.

Discounts on early bookings can sometimes be as high as several thousand dollars.

In addition, you will have more freedom of choice in terms of the hotel and the time of year when you intend to go on vacation.

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8. Take the last minute route

If you are not traveling at busy times (such as Christmas or March) and you are flexible about where you want to go, you can get fantastic last-minute offers.

9. Look for free offers for your children

Open your eyes to offers where your children can eat and sleep free.

Sometimes, you will even get packages where your children can fly free. However, this usually only happens during promotions and you will still have to pay taxes.

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10. A little rest for single parents

If you are single and travel with your children, you will have a few times to pay the full price for your little ones by the time you will have to shell out for the extra rates for singles.

However, some family hotels offer a discount to a parent traveling alone with his or her children.

The best way to travel is to research before you leave and determine exactly what you are looking for in order to seize the best opportunities. Remember to read the fine print on vacation contracts and enjoy your vacation without worrying about the price: good trip!

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