The Fantastic Ancient Sites You Must See in Turkey

Turkey is a fascinating country, and it is absolutely bursting with history. If you are looking to book a holiday in the near future to see some historic sights, then have a look for some villas in Kas like these and have a look at these fantastic places to go and visit…

Gobeklitepe – This ancient temple in south east Turkey is often called the worlds oldest temple and is a fascinating archaeological site as it shows the change of man as the changes from the hunter gatherer way of life started to evolve and become for permanent. People come from far and wide to visit this amazing remote location.

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Statue Heads at Mount Nemrut – These are believed to have been built around the 1st Century BC, so they are incredibly old and of great interest to historians. These are also quite remote, but it is worth the journey. Because of their cultural importance they are located at a UNESCO world heritage site and are a truly breath-taking spectacle to behold.

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Miletus, Priene and Didyma – On the beautiful Aegean coast stand this trio of architectural wonders. Majestic ancient temples that will inspire wonder and awe as you walk in the footsteps of Alexander the great and the gladiators of ancient Greece and Turkey.

Ancient Church and Myra – See the famous theatre at Myra as well as the tombs cut out of the rocks of the hillside, and then head to the ancient St Nicholas church where the famous Santa Claus originates – known for his kindness and the origins of the jolly figure we still know today.

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