Maintaining a van can be time-consuming and sometimes costly; however, to drive a van both safely and legally, it is important that maintenance, services and MOTs are carried out regularly. Maintenance also helps reduce the likelihood of expensive issues.

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Van maintenance

The driver is legally obliged to ensure their vehicle lights are working correctly. Check regularly and ensure any faulty bulbs are replaced.

Ensure your oil, engine coolant and brake fluids are topped up, particularly before and after long journeys.

Keeping your van clean not only helps to identify dents and scuffs but also projects a professional image when using a vehicle for work.

Keep an eye on the battery, especially in the colder months when they are more easily drained.

Van rental

Over the course of the first three years, van owners lose money through depreciation more than any other factor. With maintenance costs added to depreciation loss, it may not always be financially practical to purchase a van, which is why many drivers opt to hire instead.

When renting a van, you will receive the vehicle in excellent condition, in full working order, and with a full tank of fuel. Many rental companies also offer extras such as 24/7 roadside assistance, should the worst happen during your van rental period. Hire companies also offer a range of accessories available for purchase to help you keep your van rental in good condition. These include dust sheets, tarpaulin, and ratchet straps. For van rental Bristol and the surrounding areas, visit a specialist such as Autolyne.

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Van rental is available on a short- and long-term basis, with a huge selection of vehicle options available depending on your needs. You can guarantee the vehicle’s roadworthiness and have the added protection of help as and when required.

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