Exploring Eton – Top Attractions you Should Visit

Eton is a fantastic town to explore, so if you are looking for somewhere to have a wander around you could do a lot worse than Eton! It is most well known for the school that tends to produce many prime ministers, but there is so much more to Eton and the surrounding area than the school.

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Eton itself has some great little shops – scour the bookshops for a new book and find some treasures in an antique shop. There are also some great independent clothes shops, and the shop fronts are a slice of nostalgia – walking through Eton is a little like a trip back in time. Head out for something to eat at one of the local restaurants such as the Christopher restaurant Eton.

If you like history, visit the Eton natural history museum – here you can find out all about the life of Sir Joseph Banks, as well as all of the natural wonders that he discovered on his trip on the HMS Endeavour. Prints of plants and stuffed animals from his travels are abundant here, and admission to the museum is free!

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If you like a couple of drinks, pay a visit to the Windsor and Eton brewery to explore how ale is made as well as having the chance to try some samples. They are near the Thames, so you could enjoy a picturesque walk here along the river.

It is also a short walk across the bridge into Windsor, where you will be able to visit Windsor Castle and Frogmore house – two royal residences packed with history.

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