20 things to do in male Maldives

things to do in male Maldives

Traveling to the Maldives is the dream of many but, unlike what you can believe, it is not a dream within the reach of only a few. We already told you that traveling to paradise is cheaper than you think, what we have not yet told you is all you can do in Maldives. After arriving from Manali, today we are going to remedy it: here are 20 things to do in male Maldives.

Things to do in male Maldives


The first thing you have to do in the Maldives is to look out of the window of the plane before landing: seeing the atolls from the air is one of the most impressive things you can ever enjoy! (Oh, that sounded something tragic, but it’s true, hehe).



You will reach the capital: Male. It is a picturesque city, somewhat chaotic, in the purest Asian style, but if you like to wander around, we are sure you will find a certain charm. Take a tour of the fish market, it’s a super colorful place and yes, it’s full of smells, but it’s worth it. Here we tell you everything to do in Male.


And also take a dip in its public beach. Did you know it’s artificial? Yes, it seems a lie but the capital of Maldives had no beaches to bathe in … So they created it. Remember that it is not a bikini-beach and that you should bathe with shorts and a shirt.

luxury resort


If you have no budget problems, give yourself a treat staying at a luxury resort. They are not usually cheap (the other way around), but they are the perfect place to live a crazy life (you’ll eat tuna and bread when you return, of course, tuna fish). In Booking there are often offers of resorts for about 100 dollars, yes, if you want to stay in the typical villas on the water, the price with the offer is around 200-300 dollars.


On the other hand, if your budget is backpacking, do not worry. As we tell you in this post of cheap accommodation in the Maldives. It is possible to sleep in paradise for very little (from 20-30 dollars double, 10-15 dollars /person/night!). Because the Maldives has ceased to be a destination only for rich people!

Maldivian street snacks


Try the typical Maldivian street snacks such as gulha (fried fish meatballs, spices and coconut), theluli kavabuu (fish croquettes with a spicy touch) or bajiya (fish and coconut samosas). If you really like the gastronomic theme, in addition to enjoying the local restaurants (and resorts). You can also do a cooking class, so you can take home a few recipes. More info on the typical Maldivian dishes.


Use public ferries to move between the islands: this is the best way to travel cheaply through the Maldives. You can check schedules and prices here. Tips: some journey can be quite long, so do not forget a good book to entertain you and music!


Do not leave the snorkel mask at home: you will need it! If on the surface the Maldives islands are beautiful, when you submerge underwater you will flip in colors. We get to see blankets, mini-sharks, marine snakes and fish of thousands of colors a few meters from the shore.

Maldivian marine world


And if you know how to dive … you’ll enjoy the Maldivian marine world even more: turtles, sharks, tropical fish and even whale sharks! Eye: find out beforehand about the company with whom you are going to do the tour. It is important that they respect the environment and often, the tours that go “in search” of the whale shark are not completely ethical.

A good place to see these magnificent “little fish” is in the southern area of Ari (specifically around Dhigurah, Dhidhdhoo, and Maamigili). The sighting is not 100% guaranteed, but the opportunities are very high. It is one of the things that we have pending for the next trip to the Maldives.


Visit at least one local island. For example, stay in Dhangethi. It is the best way to see how this country is; you will have the opportunity to meet locals and their customs. Far from the spotlights and the pijerias of the resorts (and if you can combine both … well, better!).


Relax lying down to the bartola: you’ve wanted to be here for a long time, right? Then enjoy every second of your stay. And get cream: the Maldivian sun is criminal!



If you are looking for a cheap island, with restaurants, atmosphere, and a few agencies to hire tours, you have to go to Maafushi. It is one of the most popular islands for tourists and backpackers. Also, it is easy to reach and has beaches where you can bathe in a bikini.


Do not leave the beach before sunset: not for nothing eh, but the Maldivian sunsets are a mess …


But do not go at night either. Let’s see; we’re not telling you about living on the beach: you can go back to the hotel, take a shower, go out to dinner … but then come back near the sea and look up surprise! Having almost no light pollution, the Maldivian nights are full of stars.

maldivian beach


And since you’re on the beach, try to give some kick to the water … if you’re in the right place and in the right season, you may be lucky enough to experience one of the most amazing natural phenomena there is: bioluminescence. We in the Maldives did not see it, but we did in Cambodia, and we can assure you that it is bestial!


Make a boat tour and reaches the famous sand spits (sandbank) or a deserted little island where you feel like Robinson Crusoe. That’s right, remember to come to pick you up, it’s okay to put yourself in the place of a shipwreck, but only for a few hours.


If on your island there are agencies that rent a kayak, do not hesitate, paddling a few minutes you can reach deserted beaches toooodas for you! Yes, let the locals inform you about the currents and give you advice.

typical island


Did you know that the Maldives is also a surfing destination? We are used to seeing the typical island with turquoise waters and almost no waves, but if you are one of those who always look for opportunities to hit the board, you know that between April and September you can enjoy good waves in the Maldives. In particular, the area of the atolls is highly recommended to the north and south of Malé.


The Maldives is a Muslim country, so even if you go to the most lost place of all, you will probably be able to visit a mosque. Eye: always ask the locals if you are allowed to enter and visit it, that is, outside of prayer times. If not, we can always be interested in this religion and the local culture. For example, we love to hear the call of prayer (yes, even at dawn) and the experience we had with locals from the Maldives was wonderful.


Come back: in the Maldives, there are more than 1,000 islands. So, it is clear that you have much more to explore. Also, there are always better deals on flights to Maldives.

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