10 things to do in Montreal before summer ends

summer ends

Summer in Quebec is so short that you have to enjoy every moment you can go outside. Here are 10 activities to do outside Montreal before the summer ends.

summer ends
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The beach

Going to the beach, this activity is not only reserved for the summer (at least in Quebec), but also allows you to refresh yourself when the heat and the humidity are part. At the Jean-Doré Beach in Jean-Drapeau Park, you can dip in quality water, have fun on the Aquazilla floating course, play beach volleyball, rent boats and practice the SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) or The surfboard paddle.

Although you cannot swim there, the Clock Beach in the Old Port still allows you to get some freshness thanks to the foggers on the site. Above all, you can relax under the colored umbrellas, admiring the view of the river, the Jacques-Cartier bridge and Île Sainte-Hélène.

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summer ends
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Eat outside

Eating and drinking outdoors is a real pleasure when the weather permits.

Summer in Montreal, the terraces grow like mushrooms. For a meal “pig” to wish on a terrace as funky as the name of the establishment that welcomes, you go to my big sow cherished on Ontario Street. Want a fresh beer, a glass of bubbles or a celery Bombay? The Palco in Verdun is the right place. Rather start for a coffee? The Santropol on the rue Saint-Urbain is a delight to have the feeling of taking it in the heart of a small forest in an unpretentious setting.

On the Sun Life Financial Esplanade of the Olympic Park , every first Friday of the month (until October), some forty street coaches are gathered for a festive event with music and animation. You can see trucks like cheese box , Monsieur Crémeux or Les boucaniers en cavale.

A last picnic before the ground is too cool to bask? We consult our list of 27 places to buy a picnic in Montreal.

Eating ice-cream, it’s done in the winter, but what better way to taste a cold treats while wandering around the city? On St-Denis Street, Meu Meu is used by passers-by for creamy English cream with unctuousness and unparalleled flavor. On Rue Masson in Vieux-Rosemont, Les Givrés presents its artisan ice- cream products in cornets also made on site. And at Ca lem in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, we appease his curiosity with the coveted soft black cream Coco Ash or, with the durian ice banana.

summer ends
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Dancing Out

In Montreal, even if you dance outside in the winter – Allo Igloofest ! -, the beautiful season offers a lot of events that allow to jig in the sun or in the warm air of a summer night. The Piknic Électronik at the Plaine des Jeux on Île Sainte-Hélène, the big summer brother of the winter fiesta mentioned above, is a must for lovers of electronic music. Another ephemeral place to visit before the autumn comes, the Village at Pied-du-Courant at the foot of the Jacques-Cartier bridge where various musical evenings are organized. And for a collective dance experience of another type, we go to the Maisonneuve Market before the end of August for online dance, preceded by an urban picnic where everyone is invited.

summer ends
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Practice in a park

In recent years, in Quebec, there has been an enthusiasm for training in the parks, and many of them in Montreal have put facilities in place to practice this practice.

For an outdoor workout before you have to bundle up, try the Trekfit Urban Gym at Toussaint-Louverture Park in downtown, the Sir Wilfrid Laurier Park on the Plateau, or the Module Energi at Morgan Park in Hochelaga, right next to the bike path.

Whether you choose to go to the beach, have a picnic or dance on the banks of the river, you can spend your last summer days outdoors by accumulating beautiful memories of warmth and fullness air. We will then be ready to live the other season in Quebec, waiting for the return of summer activities the following year.

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