How to damp proof your garage

Damp is one of the worst things that can get into any part of the house. If you can stop it from happening then you need to try and ensure that it doesn’t. Damp  can be one of the most destructive of forces to get into a home or garage causing hundreds of pounds damage to goods and items that you own. It can also have huge effects on the structure of the property and it can promote mould growth. Here are some of the ways that you can look to stop damp from getting in and causing huge amounts of damage and worry.

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Firstly it’s a good idea to invest in a decent set of garage doors. A Garage Doors Bristol based company might be the answer to your needs. With a decent garage door you can be sure that an effective barrier is put in place to keep out dampness and retain the dryness of the items inside. It will stop cars rusting and the degradation of things that you have in storage.

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Damp course is also a must. If this is breached then the damp will soon start to rise up through the foundations and into the home. The first thing you will notice are damp patches in the paint work. This will be mould spores starting to form and they can be a very serious hazard to health and should be dealt with quickly.

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