Zoo Safety Tips for Parents and Kids 

Are you planning a visit to the zoo soon? If you are, keep reading for some helpful advice. The zoo is a great family outing and there is a lot to do out there for your family! Here are some tips to ensure safety and fun when visiting the zoo with your toddlers.

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1. Visit at the right time

You’re not going to visit the zoo alone, so make sure you show up when you can avoid as many people as possible so you don’t put your family at risk. Experts suggest going during the middle of the day and leaving before rush hour.

2. Follow the rules

Make sure you follow the rules of the zoo. This seems basic, but it’s important for parents to teach their children about the rules to help keep them safe, courtesy of top online casinos usa.

3. Wash your hands

There are plenty of germs in a zoo. After all, you’re dealing with hundreds if not thousands of animals. Keep sanitizer on you so you can always stay germ-free.

4. Prepare your child

Before you step in the zoo, talk to your child about what they’re going to experience. Have your youngster read books about animals or zoo experiences so that they’re aware of the potential problems that could arise.

5. Don’t tease the animals

Now that your child is prepared for the visit, it’s good to make sure that they don’t provoke the animal through the glass enclosures. “It’s best, experts say, to teach children to respect animals and their habitats,” according to CNN.

6. Don’t risk your life for a good photo

As CNN reported, it’s really important the parents and children “don’t dangle for a better angle.” This can be applied to photos or just checking out the animals. Keep yourself within the bounds of the zoo and avoid falling into traps.

7. Respect the animals

There was a girl back in 2014 who laid her head on zoo animals. Don’t do that. Make sure your child knows to respect the animals in the zoo, according to CNN. “Other top recommendations include teaching your children that zoo animals are not cuddly versions of their stuffed toys at home but are truly wild animals that will react on instinct,” CNN wrote. “That includes those at the petting zoo, who may not take kindly to a hit or swat instead of a pat.”

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