Considerations when Getting your Own Caravan or Motorhome

Staycations are becoming something that is rising in popularity – with a global pandemic scuppering many travel plans, more and more people have decided its safer to stay in the UK and experience all the beautiful places on offer closer to home!

One of the things that are a fantastic addition to any home that wants to spend more time enjoying the freedom of a holiday getaway and being able to explore the UK I s a caravan or a motorhome. Of course, there are many different types, and some will be suitable and some not, depending on your lifestyle and of course how many people will be sharing.

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A static home is a great choice for larger families, but these are not as easy to move around – you need a lorry and some chapter 8 chevrons like these  so it is something that you would just keep on one site.

If you want to go to many different places, a mobile caravan is much better for this. You could go and stay one night out in the woods and the next down by the sea with relative ease! The size of a caravan like this can vary a lot so don’t rule it out if you have a larger family – with an awning attached you can create quite a large amount of additional living and sleeping space.

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Motorhomes are another great way to travel with ease and unlike caravans they are literally a home on wheels so they don’t need to be connected up to a car – you can literally just get in and drive off!

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