5 ways to find exceptional travel discounts

Frequent flyers and new Globetrotters are always on the lookout for a way to get the best rates on their next destinations. Communicating directly with the airline is a great way to reduce travel costs. By adding a few other tricks, you will fly away without delay.

1. Book directly with the airline

Not long ago, when you wanted to book a flight, you had two choices: book directly with the airline, or through a travel agent. With the advent of the Internet, the rates offered by airlines have become much more competitive.

  • Although the rates posted on the travel websites offer some very good deals, airlines have also taken charge.
  • In many cases, airlines can match or offer fares lower than those posted on the most popular sites.

In short, always check on airline sites or call on their 800 numbers – you might be surprised!


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2. Are you a great traveler? Talk with an agent

If you believe that all travel agencies, set higher fares for tickets than airlines – especially when it comes to a trip around the world.

  • In addition, because consortiums of airlines offer these tickets, it is usually preferable to go through a third party.
  • Tickets bought through airlines could cost twice as much as those offered by travel agents who specialize in these adventure trips. The main reason for this is the regulation of international air tickets.
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3. Negotiate the price of your hotel room

Here is something that big hotel chains will never say: you can bargain with them. There is always someone in the hotel who is allowed to offer a discount, and it is easy.

  • Telling them that you would like to stay in their establishment but that their rate is high and you will have to change places. If there are rooms available in the hotel, it is quite possible that you get a discount.
  • Another foolproof way to get a better rate is to ask, “Is there a lower rate I could get?” The hotel manager could subtly offer you the rate for the military, Friends or the family rate, or any other special rate.
  • In conclusion, hotel managers prefer to offer you a discounted room rather than leaving it unoccupied.
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4. Know the ABCs

Hurricanes not only do a lot of damage, but they keep tourists away. So what to do?

  • The best places to vacation in the Caribbean are the ABC Islands: namely, Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao.
  • They have been outside the hurricane line for hundreds of years. Therefore, the next time you plan a summer getaway; do not forget to look at these lesser-used gems.
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5. Avoid crowds in seaside areas

If you decide to spend a holiday in a popular resort, here is an insider travel rule: plan your vacation for less popular periods in the year.

  • Plan to go somewhere between the end of August until mid-December or from January until mid-February.
  • You will see that road traffic, traffic and queue will be significantly reduced, and you will make big savings with off-season rates.

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