10 Tips for traveling to Malaysia

Tips for traveling to Malaysia

Today I come with the last post of our trip to Malaysia for 17 days on 10 tips for traveling to Malaysia that I think perfectly summarize the trip. Views from the infinity pool of the Regalia in Kuala Lumpur. And as you are used to, here are the tips for visiting Malaysia, the first trip I have visited during my e. I hope that as always you find them interesting and useful.

Tips for traveling to Malaysia

  1. Transports in Malaysia

Transports in Malaysia

The first impression as soon as you arrive in Kuala Lumpur (you will discover later that it happens in almost all of Asia) is that … You are going to crash at the first moment of change! Nothing else to land in Malaysia, as it was to imagine, it was very hot. What I did not expect is that in the interior air conditioners were so full to the point that you have to cover yourself (it seems that you get inside a refrigerated camera). Continue reading: 11 PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF TRAVEL EVERY TRAVELER MUST KNOW

Another thing that caught my attention is that, as in Japan, there are exclusive cars for girls so that in the rush hours, between so much push, there is no inopportune handling…

It should be noted that it is very easy to travel through Malaysia: in Kuala Lumpur, there are infinities of lines and means of transport to get anywhere and for the country, you travel wonderfully by bus as comfortable as you can see.

  1. Malaysia, a perfect country for travelers

a perfect country

Malaysia, as Eva had already warned me of An Idea A Trip is a total girl friendly destination. Attest. It is a perfect destination to start traveling alone because the Malaysians are extremely kind and courteous. In addition, although it is an Islamic country, Malaysians are usually very respectful and open (in most mosques they provide you with no problem to cover clothes). Malaysia also seemed to be a very safe country in general. Do not pass any fear at any time.

  1. Multiculturalism


As I indicated in a previous post, Malaysia is an extremely interesting country due to the great mix of cultures: Malays, Indians and Chinese coexist in peace and harmony. All an example of integration and coexistence. The funny thing is that they do not stop having their own identity and, therefore, many of the current symbols of Malaysia are a mix of these various cultures.

An example of this is that the Indian and Malaysian communities have accepted and integrated the traditions of the Chinese New Year as if they were their own.

  1. Gastronomic fusion

Gastronomic fusion

And how could it be less, in Malaysia, the cuisine is fusion. They eat noodles – the heritage of the Chinese – but they love the spicy – Indian heritage – and at the same time eat a lot of chicken (no pork that we are in a Muslim country!). As in many places in Asia, get used to that in most restaurants only give you fork and spoon soup or chopsticks. You almost never get napkins or there are usually napkin rings on the tables (note: remember to always carry kleenex in your bag).

  1. Scandalously low prices

Of the four countries in Asia that I have visited, Malaysia has been where I spent the least money by far . Both the accommodation and the food as the transports have iridescent prices so it is a very good destination to consider.

  1. Tourism almost untapped


Despite these low prices, Malaysia remains the great unknown in Asia. Except in Kuala Lumpur and Malacca, where the majority of tourists are concentrated (and where it is easier to find tours and even free tours), one travels from the sea of tranquility throughout the country. You can perfectly travel for free without any problem.

  1. Toilet paper

The vast majority of the toilets do not have toilet paper (except in some other hotel) but they have a small hose to be able to wash (water jets like in Japan, hehehe Note: remember to always carry kleenex in the bag again).

  1. Plugs with switch

In Malaysia, the plugs are different from the European ones but not the current, which is enough to travel with a plug adapter. What does not the plug work? Look at a side. All plugs there has a switch.

  1. Air conditioning or fan, some essential

The weather in Malaysia (and even more so in Singapore) is extremely humid so when it’s hot, it’s very easy to get soaked in sweat. If you want to rest properly, always remember to check that your hotel room has a fan or air conditioning as they could be vital.

  1. Do not carry a driver

One of the first things that I found funny when arriving in Malaysia is that there are many cars without a brand (white label). Proton is the preferred automotive brand since it is a Malaysian production car. Remember that the Malaysians take the wheel to the right so the first few days it is very likely that you have the feeling that the cars do not have a driver, hahaha.

On the other hand, most of the traffic lights throughout Malaysia usually have a button to support in order to cross. You might also like: http://ledsafari.org/top-5-honeymoon-destinations/

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