Travel In Northern Norway In Search Of Extraordinary Landscapes

Northern Norway

The extraordinary places are those that go beyond what we expect, we are those in which not really matter the travel schedule, why just stop at random , and let himself be captivated by the scenery. The extraordinary places are such because they are unrelated to anything we have seen or imagined, they are somewhat extreme way, capable of entrant inside, to leave a deep impression. The Northern Norway is far from the ordinary world, to every day, far from the tropical paradises, the summer holidays, is a world unto itself that I recommend to everyone to visit at least once in their lifetime.          

Northern Norway
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Some travel dreams them for years, others will arise suddenly but in the first moment, I do not seize the way, would you rather be almost anywhere else. The great North, the one of Scandinavia or Iceland, you have never particularly attracted. Of course, the northern lights, midnight sun , fjords, almost common images, evocations of this distant world, also touched me, though only briefly and for a short time. But we only get here, in northern Norway, and one look out of your car or bus window that leads to the hotel, to understand immediately that the charm of this area goes beyond the clichés.

The words are always difficult instruments, too narrow frames that let emotions and visions. Someone is satisfied with a “wow”, a “beautiful” but even these expressions really enough. I will try as I can to tell you my impressions, to lead you along the rugged coast , listening to the sound of ocean waves knock on these extreme lands, to bring you far beyond the idea of the cold, to the wonder that is created each moment, seeing a mountain falls suddenly into the sea, a fjord that opens or a ray of sunshine that completely changes the landscape.

The first idea that Northern Norway awakens in us who live in cold. Glacial images immediately spring to mind. The reality is for milder fortunately, thanks to the current Gulf of Mexico, which makes them much warmer areas than those that are located at the same latitude, in Finland or Russia for example. Mid-March is still winter but not much more rigid than what you might find in our Alps above 1000 meters high. Even sunlight is plentiful, because after February grew rapidly, much more than here.

It will not then fill the bag of technical hiking clothes will be enough some winter clothes, suitable to deal with temperatures ranging from -6 to +3. What else could it serve? A tripod to keep your camera fixed. March is indeed still the right time to photograph the aurora borealis, a phenomenon that science tells us more than a century but who would want to understand only through the Northern myths.

What then do you really serve is to let you go, do not rush, be patient if the program can jump to adverse weather conditions. What becomes suddenly free time; it can be a sudden stop along a road, on the shore of the ocean. A handful of colored houses surrounded by high peaks of granite, leaned toward the turbulent waves from the polar wind, pay off any mishap.

What you can do here is very, generally linked to nature, such as the observation of stars and rare phenomena : whales, sea eagles or the aurora borealis. Not to miss the story that is embodied in the people almost mythological, that today we also know through film series, the Vikings. There is also the nearest history, which is linked to that of my country, which takes the form of fish hanging out of wooden structures, the famous stockfish of Lofoten islands.

Like a fairy tale told by nightfall, but I decided to stop here, creating a break, evoking a desire to continue soon with other stories of these places out of the ordinary.

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