Romantik Turm Hotel – Where To Stay At The Foot Of The Sciliar, South Tyrol

Romantik Turm Hotel

Set like a gem in the heart of a small mountain village, the Romantik Turm Hotel 4 * S dominates the village of Fiè, at the foot of the Sciliar in South Tyrol.

Immediately at first sight it is understood that we are far from the tower blocks all windows and mirrors of modern hotel chains, but it is only crossing the entrance door which is perceived the real atmosphere of the place. An ancient castle dating from the thirteenth century – with towers and underground – is cleverly transformed by its owners into something more than a structure in which to spend a holiday, long or short. It becomes part of a reality that has much to tell and pass on to those who can observe and listen, a universe unto itself that does not exist anywhere else because it comes from the story of a family and by the inspiration of a Chef.

Certainly not miss the parlor with its cozy atmosphere, but everything else is a magical balance of tradition and innovation in the name of the Highest Quality. Each room is different, unique, modern in comfort but absolutely classic use of materials, all of South Tyrol’s course! Wood and stone convey the sweet feeling we look for when we go on vacation in the mountains … What’s that? Ah, a closet of the thirteenth century, something that apparently is at odds with others, but that really goes well with the environment and reminds us that we are in a very old building which also belongs. A little as in Beauty and the Beast, no?

Romantik Turm Hotel
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The Turm stands for pleasure and relaxation … So it’s time Spa! The indoor pool with step outside offers a breathtaking view of the Schlern, but to attract our attention is a scent of the forest, the countryside and of ripe fruit. Mesmerized by these different fragrances, as we moved through the different caves secrets of this mystical subterranean Spa; We discover tanks brass as you used a time, surrounded by freshly mown hay bags to revitalize the body and intoxicate the mind.

We discover the Emperor’s bathroom where you can regenerate your skin with packs of grape must and clay, just like it used in ancient Rome. And the pine sauna, with real branches on the floor and the ceiling to evoke the image of a real wood with the scent there recollections of picnics with friends in nature.

But the real gem hidden in this underground Spa is the Grotta del Sale, a dark space that seems endless, with columns, candle and salt stalagmites, a mineral so precious and beneficial for our skin; we go down a few steps and we see that on the bottom there is water that bathes us to the ankles giving an immediate feeling of lightness and well-being. We just have to lie down on the soft beds scattered inside the cave, admiring the stars recreated on the ceiling and enjoy the silence occasionally interrupted by a chirping … hard to resist the temptation to take a nap.

We time for dinner and we go to another wing of the castle of wonders: the restaurant is the territory of Stefan Pramstahler, master of the universe Turm. Through his dishes – as indeed through every element of its hotels – she tells us the story of his family, the history of the place and his philosophy of thought. An artist definitely eclectic taste, but very refined idea of art – because this is its cuisine – based on contrasts that approaches that of another great artist, Oscar Wilde. The ingredients are local South Tyrol, even some of their production, such as wine and jams.

The recipes recall the traditional local cuisine, fairly linear and homemade … Basically we are dinner guests of a family! A change are the ways of treating the individual components of the plate: the preparation is simple, without foam and without any unnecessary and artificial frills, in full compliance with the highest quality raw materials, in order to enhance the natural flavor and authentic that each product has and creating at the end combinations in perfect harmony.

Revolutionary instead is a proposed menu that creates trend, named 1001 calories, ideal for the more health conscious and for those who raise the white flag in front of a gargantuan binges packed holiday. Original creation of Chef Stefan; a light menu, but tasty and with a well-defined character.

After a nice dinner, digestive is a must! And sipping a brandy to mountain aromas contemplating a Picasso, is an experience not to be … all right, the Romantik Turm Hotel is Art, a collection that includes more than 2,000 works by famous artists such as Dali, Klimt, etc. etc…

And our question: “But it’s an original?” Responds precisely Stefan: “Every element of the Turm is authentic: the materials of the furniture, the aromas in the Spa, the ingredients of my dishes and so the exhibits are all gifts that the great artists of the last century did to my father, a great collector and lover of art works.” He feels only a very lucky heir, not only to the heritage of great value, but also a passion cultivated since childhood, and that leads him today – when it finds a free moment out of the kitchen – to create small objects design, such as lamps made from old kitchen grills and sponges for washing dishes … ORIGINAL, no?

The philosophy of entrepreneur Stefan Pramstrahler follows a quotation from Oscar Wilde: “I have the simplest tastes; I am always satisfied with the best.” Whether it’s a week, a weekend or even for a DaySpa or dinner, a stay at the Romantik Turm Hotel totally revolutionize your holiday design!

A Tour Outside Door To Stay In The Family: The Maso Grottner

Properties of Pramstrahler family is even this old farmhouse, typical of South Tyrol, surrounded by hectares and hectares of land.

Here we are bred their animals and cultivated many vegetables that make up the dishes Chef Stefan ; is harvested hay for Spa treatments and are bottled less than 4 types of wine that gave birth to as many of the Casa labels, with rather unusual names: Pica (Pinot Blanc) has the effigy of a magpie with open wings; Tetrix (Gewürztraminer) has a gallo cedrone and like it the wine is good but with a complicated character; Bubo (Sauvignon) is symbolized by an owl that reflects the confident tone almost arrogant wine; Finally Corax (Pinot Noir) intelligent crow and a little ‘fluffy which is also the image of Turm in general.

The decision to use these animals for wine labels is derived from a popular German said he wants to mean that each has its own character, embodied by a bird and so the wines of Grottner farm are as unique as each person in the world.

Far from being secret and private, the farm opens its doors during organized tastings and conducted by the Stefan that always passionate about telling the story behind each product, or that of his family.


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